Choosing the Right Case for your Phone

If you are looking for a phone case for your phone, then you are probably confused. There are many factors to look for when finding a phone case. For instance, you have to choose the right material and the right design. Phone cases come in different materials such as silicon, plastic, leather, synthetic, metal and also marble. The choice of the phone case material will depend on your taste and also your budget. It is also important to choose a material that will provide value for your money in terms of the durability and strength of the material.

Choosing a phone case

Material of the case

This is the first step to consider when choosing a phone case. YouCase for your Phone need to determine the material that is ideal for you. For most phones, plastic is one of the most common material. This might be because it is a cheap material, and it is easier to mold to a phone case.

Silicone is a bit expensive than plastic but it more durable. Leather, on the other hand, is durable, but it is expensive especially if you are looking for a genuine leather material. There are still other materials being introduced in the phone case industry.

Comfort and convenience

When choosing a phone case, make sure that you choose a case that is comfortable and convenient for you to use. Most of the phone case tend to cover the important ports like the earphone port, camera and also the charging port. This becomes very uncomfortable when you are trying to use the phone.

If you have such a phone, it means that every time you want to use it, you will be removing the case to access the ports. Your phone will be exposed to danger at such times, and you won’t gain the maximum benefits from the phone case.

Protection of the phoneCase for your Phone

Screen protection is one of the reasons why many people opt to get a cell phone cover. However, many phones and especially the touch screen phones do not allow you to use a transparent phone screen. At this time, you might require getting a screen guard. A screen guard will cover the screen of your phone but still allow you the convenience of using the screen without any distraction.

Protection is the main reason why you should get a phone case apart from the beauty. Remember to get a phone case that will guard your phone against water, moisture, breakage and also prevent dust. This essence of this is to keep your phone clean at all times.…

Why you Should Use the iPhone6 Lifeproof Case

An iPhone is a huge investment, and it is important to protect it from damage. One of the best ways of protecting your iPhone from damage is by getting the life proof case. The iPhone 6 Lifeproof Case protects your iPhone from both water damage and fall. There are many cases available in the market for iPhone; the problem is that most of those phone cases are more about aesthetics and beauty but not protection.

Benefits of the life proof case

Lightweight caseiPhone6 Lifeproof Case

It is one thing to buy a phone case, but it is another thing to gain comfort using it. Most of the phone cases available are too bulky making it a burden to carry them around. That is the way most of the people will use the case for some time and later put it aside due to the inconvenience. The life proof cases, on the other hand, are different. They clearly fit into the phone and are lightweight to carry around or put in the pocket.

Waterproof case

These phone cases have been tested in the most hostile environments to make sure that your phone is not only protected from water but also snow. According to the manufacturers, the phones are made according to the military standards just to show you how much care has been taken to protect your phone.

To show the efficiency of the phone case, you can immerse the phone up to 2 meters depth of water, and your phone will still be protected. In addition to waterproof, the case also protects your phone from dirt and also dust.

ShockproofiPhone6 Lifeproof Case

Getting a phone that is shockproof is the dream of everyone. The falling of phones is almost unavoidable especially if you have kids, or you have an active job that needs you to be always on the move. Lifeproof cases offer you a shock free experience to protect you from fall even from a long distance. This protects your phone from damage and also maintains the beauty of your phone.

You now don’t have to worry about your phone getting dents and scratches that come with a phone that does not have a case. Your phone will look new as long as the phone case is on. The best thing about this case is the fact that it does not interfere with working on the phone like blocking the camera and buttons.…

General Info On Lyft Promo Codes

Lyft is one of the favorite apps that connect you with drivers in any location. In an attempt to increase their users, they have introduced promo codes. Are you looking for Lyft promo codes? If so, then you are in the right place. This article gives you information on what you need to know about Lyft promo. Visit for the best deal on lyft promo codes. New users are not left out in the coupon codes. Using the promo code allows you to get a free ride. Here are some of the promo codes at your disposal.

Great tips

Refer a friend

One of the promo codes that are offered by Lyft is the referral program. However, it is available for existing Existing users get return credit by referring their friends to Lyft. The referral program works in San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles and Dallas.

The referral program has helped Lyft to increase the number of users. You need to take advantage of this opportunity before it expires. The codes expire in 14 days. You should make sure that you use your referral code when referring your friends to Lyft. The rides that you get are valid for 30 days.

Lyft events

You can also get promo codes by attending the Lyft events; however, this promo code is only available to individual users. Besides, it has a short expiry period. One such event is the event that took place in Austin, TX. Those who attended the event got a ten dollars discount. You do not want to be left out in such event. It is a chance of getting a discount ride.

Bum a ride

This is another great promo for new users. To increase the number of users, Lyft gives new users the chance to enjoy a ride with their friends. New users who take their app for a test drive get their first ride for free. This promo code is easy since you just have to ride with your friends, and you enjoy the free ride from Lyft.

Signup for first time

carAs a new user, you get a free ride when you sign up with Lyft. New users get to try the Lyft platform without spending a lot of money. New users can also make use of the Lyft promo codes to try out the services. As a new rider, you get a chance of getting a free credit worth five dollars. You should use your promotion code to get the free ride. All you have to do is just download the app and then enter the promo code.…

Factors Determining Types of Gaming Monitors

Having the best monitor is an important aspect when it comes to gaming. This has led to the development of the different types of gaming monitor available. This has been fuelled with the technological advancements which have led to some monitors being phased out.

Determining the type of monitor


The display of the monitor is an important factor in determining which monitor to choose. Here we find the CRT and LCD monitors.

CRT Monitors

These are some of the oldest monitors. However, they are being phased out due to the advancements in technology. Because of this reason, they are cheaper though most people are going for the LCDs since you do not want to end up with something that will be totally obsolete in the next few years.

Liquid Chrystal Display (LCD) monitors

They are the latest in the monitors and are quickly wiping out the CTRs. They are light, and they come in smaller sizes. They also have a low power consumption hence saves you the high power bills.

When it comes to pricing, they are becoming cheaper too. They also do not have an effect on your eyes even if you spend long hours on the screen playing your games typical of gamers.

Type of panel

There are three types of panels which distinguish monitors. These are the TN, VA, and IPS.

TN panel

This is the short form of twisted nematic. They are the most popular and are also very affordable. This is because they have both a fast response time and refresh rate.

Besides being most popular, they also have their disadvantages. Their color representation and viewing angles are poor. For one to see colors properly, they have to look straight into their monitor.

VA panel

For VA panels or the vertical alignment in full, they have a high contrast ratio and their color representation is also good. Displaying deep levels of black is also an advantage they have. However, they have a ghosting effect which is bad for overall gaming performance.

IPS panelsmonitor

In-plane Switching panels are known for having the best color accuracy and viewing angles. Their grayscale performance is also strong. However, their downside is having a poor pixel response time . Hence they have motion blur.

Since there are different types of gaming monitors, it is important to know exactly what you need. This makes the process of selection easier on you.…

Advantages of Using Gmail to Send Fax

Using Gmail to send a fax is achieved by using your Gmail account to receive and send faxes with the help of an email fax service. Faxing services allow users to manage both outbound as well as inbound transmission of faxesTypically, the fax documents that you send or receive will be delivered in either a PDF format or a Tiff file format.

Benefits of using Gmail to send fax

When sending or receiving a fax via Gmail, the actual fax itself is an attachment sent to that particular email. When sending a fax, the body of the email serves as the traditional cover letter that wofaxuld normally be sent. Thus, everything is performed through the already established email server.

Gmail will allow you to send and check from your online login; this helps store and your documents online. Gmail fax can also provide you with comprehensive logs of all fax messages sent and received.

The set-up cost of any Gmail fax service is a lot cheaper than traditional fax system as you need not invest in a fax machine nor buy an extra dedicated phone line. By using Gmail to send a fax, you can save a lot of cash as you will no longer be required to purchase consumables like paper and toner.

Low maintenance cost of the fax

There are no maintenance or repair expenses and anxieties about the fax machine breaking down.


Most Gmail fax service providers offer special rates for large businesses where faxing requirements will be substantial. Using Gmail to send a fax is proving to be a sophisticated and vastly beneficial alternative to the old fax machine whose days, are in any case, numbered.

Using Gmail to send a fax is faxEnvironment-friendly

Earlier, you had to print every single fax that is sent which meant that all spam and unwanted fax messages also got printed, and that will no longer be the case. All business houses concerned about the environment should switch to email fax as it is a greener alternative.

With Gmail fax, your fax number will become a lot more accessible to people who are sending a fax to you. Again, anyone sending a fax from your Internet fax account need not indefinitely wait to establish a connection or get frustrated receiving busy signals.…