Lyft is one of the favorite apps that connect you with drivers in any location. In an attempt to increase their users, they have introduced promo codes. Are you looking for Lyft promo codes? If so, then you are in the right place. This article gives you information on what you need to know about Lyft promo. Visit for the best deal on lyft promo codes. New users are not left out in the coupon codes. Using the promo code allows you to get a free ride. Here are some of the promo codes at your disposal.

Great tips

Refer a friend

One of the promo codes that are offered by Lyft is the referral program. However, it is available for existing Existing users get return credit by referring their friends to Lyft. The referral program works in San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles and Dallas.

The referral program has helped Lyft to increase the number of users. You need to take advantage of this opportunity before it expires. The codes expire in 14 days. You should make sure that you use your referral code when referring your friends to Lyft. The rides that you get are valid for 30 days.

Lyft events

You can also get promo codes by attending the Lyft events; however, this promo code is only available to individual users. Besides, it has a short expiry period. One such event is the event that took place in Austin, TX. Those who attended the event got a ten dollars discount. You do not want to be left out in such event. It is a chance of getting a discount ride.

Bum a ride

This is another great promo for new users. To increase the number of users, Lyft gives new users the chance to enjoy a ride with their friends. New users who take their app for a test drive get their first ride for free. This promo code is easy since you just have to ride with your friends, and you enjoy the free ride from Lyft.

Signup for first time

carAs a new user, you get a free ride when you sign up with Lyft. New users get to try the Lyft platform without spending a lot of money. New users can also make use of the Lyft promo codes to try out the services. As a new rider, you get a chance of getting a free credit worth five dollars. You should use your promotion code to get the free ride. All you have to do is just download the app and then enter the promo code.