Various communication Channels Of Today Within A Business

Communication is one of the backbones of business. The right communication can help a company grow their customer base, harmonize the working relations and most important, contribution to making the right decisions. The three most crucial communications include the employees to the employee, company to clients and company to suppliers. When these are done the right way, a business has a base for growth. So, what are the common channels of communications used? Check below;

Channels of communication within a business


businessOne of the most official and popular means of communication in the business world today is emails. It is simple and provides a point of reference in case there is a problem. Another thing that makes email communication is versatility and great features. Through an email, you can share documents, files, calendar, links, and text among many other functionalities. According to analysis, business people who use emails can receive over a hundred emails every day from clients, fellow staffs, and suppliers. They also have to respond to most of them and send other independent emails as well.


Fax, also known as facsimile is the transmission of scanned text through a telephone line. It is not such a popular way nowadays as it was a few decades ago. However, its reliability is still appreciated by those who use it. What is popular today is the integration of Fax services into an email interface. Therefore, people can still receive fax on email through the use of a virtual fax number. Seek a professional service to have such capabilities in your office.

Social media and pop-up chats

It has become a trend that businesses are reaching out to potential customers through all possible and friendly means. It is now popular to see people chatting with agents from different firms using the social media sites pop-ups or the website chat capabilities. The best thing with using this method is that people are usually free and casual which enables them to get more information than in complete formal communications.

Use of telephone calls and SMS

telephone callsPhone calls are still in use by most companies to their customers, suppliers, staffs and even the shareholders. As much as they are not the best formal communication channels, a telephone call is the best to confirm or get clarification of an email or a report.

On the other hand, an SMS can be used to pass an urgent and simple message like an urgent call to attend a meeting or give some details. It has a reference point as well.

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