What you need to know about web hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service which allows the website owners, companies, and individual webmasters to create their space on the Internet. A web hosting company has servers to store the data files of the website. These servers act as the data centers. Customers upload the files of the website to the server or web space provided by the web hosting company, and these files are stored in the data center of the hosting provider.

Once the user completes all the processes, these files and scripts that are uploaded by the website owner are visible to all the visitors or users of the website daily. So the website remains in touch with its visitors for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Service companies

There are many web hosting service providing companies that are available in the web world. These web hosting companies are categorized in mainly two parts as a free web hosting service provider and paid web hosting service provider.

web hosting


A free web hosting is quite simple. The customers do not need to pay to host their websites. We can say that it is more suitable for the people who are just beginning to have a website on the Internet. This type also allow limited web space and only subdomains for a person’s site.


A paid web hosting company or web hosting service providers charge their customers for their services on the monthly or annual basis. Obviously, a paid web hosting service has to offer more features to its customers compared to the free web hosting service. A paid web hosting service is ideal for small companies that want to expand their business to a larger level.

Types of paid web hosting service providers

web hostingThere are many different types of paid web hosting service providers that can be found online. The prices of such hosting service providers depend on the type of services they offer. One gets a personal dedicated server which will remain dedicated to only that person’s files. It is completely free from a shared server hosting. A shared web hosting comes into the role when many people use the same server to host their websites. A shared web hosting server is cheaply available, and it is beneficial to start with a shared server hosting service if it can offer what is needed. A website owner can move to a dedicated server once his or her website reaches to its optimum level.

A dedicated web hosting has many other benefits to provide to its customers. The most important among it is that you will get your personal web space for hosting your website. This personal web space provides you with enough storage capacity to store all your files and scripts at the same place to be published online. These files include web pages, scripts, image files, audio, and videos files. You can get enough amount of web space from the dedicated web hosting server.